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Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 VC USD

I have a new favorite lens to wish for. It is the Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 VC USD. I have read many reviews about this one and I feel that all are recommending this lens. If you have this lens you do not need any other lens for super zoom. That suits my requests.

I was looking at the pictures that have been taken with this lens and they are amazing. Right now it is hard to get a hold of this lens because Tamron just started shipping them out to the whole world. Although when there are more lenses in stock then I will hopefully go for this one as my next big superzoom lens or as Tamron like to call it a Ultra-tele lens.

Some info about the lens:

– Quiet and fast auto focus

– Less than 2 kg (1951 g), (4.30 lb)

– Good price for what you get = money value is good around 1069 $ in US, it is little more expensive in Europe though.

– It is stabilized

– 150-600 mm in focal length (with crop censor 240-960 mm)

– Smooth bokeh

– Height is 26 cm

– Can be bought for Canon, Nikon and Sony

To think about when you buy this lens:

The lens does not come with a lens bag. If you want to buy a filter to this lens it should be a 95 mm filter. You will get a lens hood, front and rear caps and a detachable tripod mount in the box with the lens.


Sony DSC-HX100V

Sony DSC-HX100V

Sony DSC-HX100V

The Sony DSC-HX100V is a small camera with a great zoom. It has 30x zoom which makes it a great camera for all occasions.

When I go to a concert and I am sitting far from the stages I can zoom in pretty close to the artists.

This is how far away from the artist I was standing when I zoomed in, as you can see the artist looks pretty small from where I sat:

Another concert I have been on is with Lionel Richie and I was sitting maybe more than 50 meters away from him. This is a favorite picture of mine.

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

This camera is good when it is daylight but also sunsets:

Natural light no effects

Natural light no effects

It is easy to take pictures, it goes fast which is necessary when taking picture of for example animals:

So I think I proved my point with this camera. A great zoom is getting you closer to the object and Sony DSC-HX100V does what it suppose to do. It is not even the newest version. Now there must be even more improved cameras and better zoom maybe even 50x.

Even macro is good with this camera. You can come very close to small objects and still get clear pictures like below is shown:

Even landscape photography goes well with this camera:

I also like to add that the filming is recording in stereo sound. This mean that it wont make big noise when you are playing the video, no noise disturbance. You will be able to hear a clear sound and not like if you would have recorded with your mobile and only hear the base sounds. This camera is great for concerts.