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Slow shutter speed

What happens when you slow down the shutter speed?

– it can get a smooth water flow in rivers

– lights from cars will build a stream of long lights

– with the help of a flashlight you can write messages in the dark

There are probably other things you can take pictures of as well with low shutter speed. I am only mentioning the realistic ones which you can try out.

Experimenting with slow shutter speed

I was in a car and had nothing to do when I was waiting for some people to buy some stuff in a store. I saw a truck that had the lights on so I thought I might as well try to have some fun while waiting. I reduced the shutter speed to 6 seconds.

Choose shutter speed

Choose shutter speed

See the picture above to know what I mean. Then aim at something that is bright, like a lamppost in the night. Then take the picture and under the 6 seconds you got move the camera around and build some patterns of your like. Then the picture will come out looking something like this:

If you press the pictures you will see information in the right corner about the setup for the pictures.