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With a little help of Lightroom

Frustrated with your pictures being colorless?

Picture this scenario. You are seeing something that you want to take a picture of and when you take the picture and see the results in your camera or computer it does not come out quite the way you wanted it to.

Then there is a solution for that. It is called post-production. It is what all professional photographers do to their pictures, to make it look even better. So you do not have to feel ashamed for using a little help from example a program called Lightroom. I want to show you a before and after pictures to demonstrate what I mean. See the examples below, you need to click on the pictures to get a better comparison:

Before and after post production

Before and after post production

The picture to the left was taken with the “shade” option, therefore it is more yellowish. In Lightroom you can easily adjust this to make it look more natural. It is more colorful on the picture to the right. The picture below shows a dark picture inside the forest. It is hard to get the right brightness when you take a picture. It is easy to fix in post-production.

Before and after using Lightroom

Here is a final one that I like to share with you all. When you load a picture in the camera and watch it in the computer it can be colorless. With Lightroom you can bring out the bright colors and give the picture life again. There are many programs that can do this for your pictures for example Photoshop, Gimp (free program) and Topaz just to name a few.


I hope you have got some inspiration to work on your pictures now, it is worth it!

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Slow shutter speed

What happens when you slow down the shutter speed?

– it can get a smooth water flow in rivers

– lights from cars will build a stream of long lights

– with the help of a flashlight you can write messages in the dark

There are probably other things you can take pictures of as well with low shutter speed. I am only mentioning the realistic ones which you can try out.

Experimenting with slow shutter speed

I was in a car and had nothing to do when I was waiting for some people to buy some stuff in a store. I saw a truck that had the lights on so I thought I might as well try to have some fun while waiting. I reduced the shutter speed to 6 seconds.

Choose shutter speed

Choose shutter speed

See the picture above to know what I mean. Then aim at something that is bright, like a lamppost in the night. Then take the picture and under the 6 seconds you got move the camera around and build some patterns of your like. Then the picture will come out looking something like this:

If you press the pictures you will see information in the right corner about the setup for the pictures.