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You look very interesting, let me have a look at you.

Monkey takes an interest for the camera lens. Maybe it is trying to see itself in the reflection. Taken with Canon 70D and Tamron 90mm with f9.


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Photos for ads

Do you want to sell something? Then take pictures that makes  the item more interesting. It is good to display several pictures rather than just one.

In order to stand out from the ads that are online you have to take special angles of the item you want to sell. Maybe a macro photo on the features that you want to put focus on for the potential buyers.

Lets say we want to sell a electric guitar. Many ads have pictures of the front of the guitar. There might only be one picture and from that you have to form a decision if it is interesting for you or not.

With pictures you get the chance to show off whatever you are selling. In our case you have to give life to a electric guitar and give a full story and make sure to show the guitar in a new perspective. The picture below are close ups to display parts of the guitar. It makes it more interesting and you want to know more about the guitar by just showing some bits of it. You have to create that feeling for the ones checking the ad, keep it interesting and do something new. It will definitely catch someones eye and hopefully lead to someone wanting to buy it.

I found the ad below for a guitar and have written few things that is wrong with it.

It is the guitar you want to sell so put it in the spotlight. I will show you what I mean by showing 2 pictures of how you can display the  whole guitar. Keep it simple and only show the electric guitar without any distraction in the background.

If you are planning to put in an ad for something I hope you have got some tips on how you can display an item. Use lots of light and take pictures from a unique angle. Create interest!