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Eurasian Curlew with Tamron 150-600mm

Do I have something on my beak?

Eurasian Curlew

Eurasian Curlew

On a sunny day I took this picture of a Eurasian Curlew. Its a mid sized bird that looks very interesting with the long beak. It is taken at 600 mm with Tamron 150-600mm lens and with Canon 70D. Even if this picture is taken at the maximum length of 600 mm it still turned out sharp. Tamron perform great when it is sunny weather. All the details will be seen and it nicely blurred out the background. The aperture is at f7.1 in this picture.

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You look very interesting, let me have a look at you.

Monkey takes an interest for the camera lens. Maybe it is trying to see itself in the reflection. Taken with Canon 70D and Tamron 90mm with f9.


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Canon 50mm 1.4

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

I would love to own a Canon 50mm 1.4. It is still more than triple the price of the 50mm 1.8. The question is: Is it worth it?

The 50 mm 1.4 is good for taking picture where there is less light, for example taking a picture in the night near a street with few road lamps and some cars driving by. It is also of course good for taking portraits. Compared to 50 mm 1.8 this lens takes brighter pictures and also sometimes it can be felt to be taking sharper pictures as well.