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Tamron 90mm – a rose

I went to a rose show where they had a lot of roses and other flowers. Tamron 90mm lens is one of a kind. I really like the macro lens. It’s great value for your money and it takes splendid pictures.

2015©Expressive Photos

Pink explosion of flowers

Taken with Canon 70D and Tamron 90mm macro lens, handheld and in windy conditions.


2014©Expressive Photos

Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro Lens

The Tamron 90 mm 2.8 macro lens is a superb lens to have. It is a good lens for taking pictures of insects, flowers and portraits etc but do not limit yourself only to those objects. This lens is good for so many more things. That I will prove here.

Tamron 90 mm 2.8

Tamron 90 mm 2.8

I have also found that it takes good picture in sport events. For example when I took pictures in a dance competition it took clear pictures even if the dancers were moving fast. That means it is a fast  lens as well.

Fast moving object in a dark enviroment

Fast moving object in a dark enviroment

Have you ever tried to catch a clear picture of fireworks but failed? I know the feeling. With this lens you will be able to get clear pictures of fireworks because the lens gives detailed pictures of the object you take. Check it out:

Here are some examples that I have taken with the Tamron 90 mm:

Here are some more pictures taken with the Tamron 90 mm:

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