Camouflage for Tamron 150-600 mm lens

So you have bought the lens and is thinking what next to buy. I was looking at some camouflage for the lens which I have seen on canon and nikon lenses. I do not know if the camouflage works in the nature but since most professional wildlife photographers have it on their lenses I thought it might be good for blending in.

I have looked at some different options and here are the ones I am thinking of getting:

Here is a site from UK selling camo for tamron 150-600mm  lens. It is called Wildlife watching supplies. The camo cost around 38.38 punds incl VAT. On these camos there is no opening for the buttons on the left side of the lens. Although I think it is possible to just move the camos and open them if you need to adjust the buttons. There are different color and patterns to choose from. You also get 1.4x and 2.0x converter camos. To see how it looks click the link with the stores name on it.

Another option is a store called Outdoor photography gear, they sell camouflage for the Tamron 150-600mm lens with a plastic shield where the buttons are. It makes it more convenient when you want to change some settings. On the site they call the cover for “Neoprene Lens Protection Cover”. This site is also located in the UK. The price is 40 pund. You can coose between 2 different options the English Oak/Black or the Woodland Green/Black. To see how they look you have to click the link of the sites name. now also have lens coats for Tamron 150-600mm, to find out more click here. There are also travel coats for Tamron 150-600mm on It is not the same as camouflage for the lens, it is more like a slim-fit bag for the lens. The store is from US. A lens coat cost  49.99-59.99 dollars.


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  1. You hardly need a camo cover for a black lens. Most of those pros have the cover for protection, not camo. Do you really think wildlife can’t see your camera, you, and all your other gear?

    • Hi Tony. Since there are are lens coats and covers for the Tamron 150-600 I assume it is because there is a demand for it. I have also checked out some of the professional photographers videos on why they use the lens cover and they mention it is to cover up their lenses and to blend in to the environment. You can also use them for protection as well, but if you drop a lens those covers wont help much. Here are some pros talking about camouflage: Jared Polin is talking about covering your other gears as well like tripods etc. Here is Tony Northrup talking about covering up the lens for camouflage not protection you can also see they are dressed all in camouflage:

  2. thank you for your mention of our TravelCoats. You should also have a look at the LensCoat for Tamron 150-600

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