Ring flash

I love to take macro pictures of insects and flowers. I went to a photographer in a store and asked what is required to take good macro pictures. One thing he mentioned was to have a flash. He built his own flash, but I am not going to do that. I will buy one. So next thought is then, which one should I buy? There are lots of different version on the market and they all look like good options.

I have looked around the net to see which ring flash that can suit me. I found a relatively good ring flash which do not cost much. It is called Dörr DAF-14. I have read the reviews about it and people seem content with it and say it is a good one for that low price. The price is around 87 € (127 $).

So my question is if you have tried a ring flash and if you have any you would recommend? Please write your suggestions in the comment field.

Update: I have now got the Dörr DAF-14 ring flash so I will try it and hopefully be able to show pictures used with it.

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